New Cityscape Website Specializes in New York Urban Landscapes

New York City-raised Robert Handler specializes in cityscape art. Some call it urban landscape art, others might refer to it as architectual art. Whatever label comes to your mind, there’s no denying that Robert’s art is nearly without equal. There are very few artists, if any, who blend architectural art with visionary elements.

Several of Robert’s original creations are 4′ x 6′. Though none of them are exact replicas of the New York City skyline–he prefers using his imagination; he’ll leave literal interpretations to commercial enterprises–Robert nonetheless painstakingly imagines and recreates skyscrapers and their dozens of miniature windows. He also creates smaller buildings that are equally prevalent in the New York urban landscape: tenement buildings.

Water towers, fire escapes, rooftop gardens, and other landscape design nuggets are used. Robert’s arsenal is mixed-media knick-knacks. He doesn’t like to divulge exactly what materials he uses, though one could suspect that if he did divulge, few would try to replicate his cityscape art.

Not only does Robert masterfully recreate–or more accurately, re-imagine–New York Cityscape Art, he also has painted an extensive collection of Victorian architecture, specifically mansions, in Montreal. Robert has also painted imaginative and non-literal skylines of other cities. He’s also painted landscapes of the American West.

For impressionistic art collectors, Robert’s print collection of Doors, Windows and Small Buildings make for a unique art gift or a welcome addition to any art collection.

Genius is a term that many people attribute to talented artists. How is a genius measured or vetted? Is Robert an artistic genius? That’s up to the individual, of course, but to see his original cityscapes in 3D, some of them 12 layers deep, the genius distinction might not be a stretch. Even if you can’t buy an original cityscape painting from Robert Handler, his print collection will be a warm addition to your home or office.