Rio Favelas

Wow! It took over a year to create but I finally finished my take on Rio De Janeiro's favelas. I hope you find it intricately detailed because that's why it took me so long to finish! I went to Rio in May, 2014 with my wife and we absolutely loved it and the people. You know, prior to our trip, all our friends could talk about was how dangerous Rio is; they'd never go … [Read more...]

Organized Chaos in New York City Art

What a blessing for New York City. After a one-year hiatus due to a disastorous appearance by Sandy, the New York City Marathon went off without a hitch. Marathon participants ran #BostonStrong ... no doubt keeping the Boston Marathon in the back of their collective minds. It's amazing that thousands of marathon runners, running through the largest city in the U.S.--with a … [Read more...]

Remembering Sandy One Year Later

Today is the first full day that Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York City. The Category 3 Hurricane killed 285 people and was the second-costliest in United States history. In the current issue of the New York Times Magazine, there’s an article detailing the “low-tech, last-minute” 8 ½’ x 55’ plywood barrier that kept the New York Harbor at bay, preventing it from … [Read more...]

Israeli Landscape Art

As I write this, I am in Israel. I'm here for a three-week stay. My wife is from Israel. We used to come here every summer along with our two kids. My wife still has family here. But ever since her mother (affectionately known as 'Safta', or Hebrew for grandma) passed away nearly two decades ago, we have only been to Israel a few times. This is my first time in six years. My … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Cityscape Art

Some people who have seen my urban landscape/New York Cityscape art have asked me where I get my inspiration. "Is it hallucenogenic drugs?" No. But some nights, when insomnia kicks in and I'm down in the dungeon of my art studio, I do start to see visions at 3 a.m. So what is my inspiration? Where do these images that inspire me to create architectural art loosely based … [Read more...]