Organized Chaos in New York City Art

What a blessing for New York City. After a one-year hiatus due to a disastorous appearance by Sandy, the New York City Marathon went off without a hitch. Marathon participants ran #BostonStrong ... no doubt keeping the Boston Marathon in the back of their collective minds. It's amazing that thousands of marathon runners, running through the largest city in the U.S.--with a … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Cityscape Art

Some people who have seen my urban landscape/New York Cityscape art have asked me where I get my inspiration. "Is it hallucenogenic drugs?" No. But some nights, when insomnia kicks in and I'm down in the dungeon of my art studio, I do start to see visions at 3 a.m. So what is my inspiration? Where do these images that inspire me to create architectural art loosely based … [Read more...]

New Cityscape Website Specializes in New York Urban Landscapes

New York City-raised Robert Handler specializes in cityscape art. Some call it urban landscape art, others might refer to it as architectual art. Whatever label comes to your mind, there's no denying that Robert's art is nearly without equal. There are very few artists, if any, who blend architectural art with visionary elements. Several of Robert's original creations are 4' … [Read more...]